Williamstown – The NBN is here… And so is Boom Broadband!

Based in the Docklands Cotton Mills, Boom Broadband is a residential NBN specialist. We’ve been helping homes across Australia make the transition to the NBN since the rollout began and we couldn’t be happier that our home turf is finally NBN ready.

To celebrate Boom Broadband is offering the following great value offers:


$65 per month


$75 per month


Setup Fees

12 Months

No Contract


Call Boom on 1300 00 2666 or click sign up on the plan you want and follow the steps to check out via our secure, PCI compliant shopping cart.

Boom will arrange an nbn™ cutover appointment. We’ll guide you through the process and have you up and running usually within 1-2 weeks. If your home is already nbn™ connected the process is even quicker.
Plug in your modem and go Boom! Experience the speed and reliability of the NBN with a true SERVICE provider.

The NBN rollout is coming to the inner west and so is Boom Broadband!

williamstown nbn map

What makes Boom different?

Boom Broadband offers some features that other NBN Providers don’t offer.

No Off-Peak

No peak or off-peak periods

  • Surf the net anytime
  • No restrictions

Only Downloads Counted

Only downloads counted

  • Only downloads counted
  • No upload restrictions

Uni-V Available

NBN UNI-V phone available

  • Use your current home phone
  • Cheap rates worldwide

Service Homes

We can service 96% of NBN Ready homes

  • Fixed Fibre services
  • Fixed Wireless services

No excess data

No excess data charges

  • Shaped plans
  • No bill shock

Customer Portal

Customer portal

  • Manage your account details
  • Check your data usage

Other things you need to know

How much data

How much data will you need?

The table below may be of assistance to gain a better understanding of how much data you are using. This may help you choose the right product.

Email text only
30 – 50 KB
Email with attachment
350 KB – 4 MB
Website viewing
1 MB
Streaming video/minute
30 MB
Streaming music/minute
1 MB

How much data

Maximum NBN Speeds achievable

When discussing the average expected access speed the NBN can offer it is important to remember that external factors can also limit these speeds. The following are some of the limiting factors that may prevent your service from reaching the theoretical maximum speeds:

  • The capability of the router you are using at home
  • The strength of your home network
  • The PC and the software you are using
  • The number of devices connected at any one time

To experience the maximum speeds possible it is best to connect directly via an ethernet cable to the NBN Connection Box.