Click or tap the NBN speed to find out more about what speeds are best suited to your Internet needs.

Base 12/1 Mbps

This means your top download NBN speed is 12 Megabits per second, and your top upload NBN speed is 1 Megabit per second. The basic package – These speeds are comparable to an average ADSL2+ connection.

Fast 25/5 Mbps

Max download speeds of 25 Megabits per second and max upload speeds of 5 megabits per second. Getting quicker – perfect for checking facebook, emails and most standard home use.

Faster 50/20 Mbps

Max download speeds of 50 Megabits per second, and Max upload speeds of 20 Megabits per second. YouTube yourself silly.

Booming 100/40 Mbps

Max download speeds of 100 Megabits per second, and Max upload speed is 40 Megabits per second. Strap yourself in! This is serious speed for serious users – download a movie from iTunes in about 2 minutes!


In 2009 the NBN Co. started the rollout of the National Broadband Network (NBN), using a combination of fibre optic, fixed wireless and satellite technology to provide internet access speeds vastly quicker than the current copper based technologies (ADSL, ADSL2+).

The NBN will be rolling out optical fibre to 93% of all premises in Australia and the remaining 7% will be serviced by a mixture of fixed wireless and satellite services.

Fibre is faster! The NBN fibre services are capable of offering speeds up to 4 times faster than ADSL2+.

Maximum NBN speeds achievable

When discussing the average expected access speed the NBN can offer it is important to remember that external factors can also limit these speeds. The following are just some of the limiting factors that may prevent your service from reaching the maximum speeds:

  • The capability of the router you are using at home
  • The strength of your home network
  • The PC and the software you are using
  • The number of devices connected at any one time

To experience the maximum speed possible at any one time it is best to connect directly via an ethernet cable directly to the NBN Connection Box.