Understanding the installation process.

The NBN is awesome, but if you do not already have the NBN equipment installed, getting your service up and running can take time. This page should help explain the steps in getting your service installed and active.

As a guide we aim to have all services activated within 20 business days of your initial order. In most cases it will take less than this and in some cases it may take longer. We want you experiencing the NBN as soon as possible and we will do everything we can to get you setup quickly.

The standard installation process should go something like this.

Customer calls Boom Broadband and is blown away by our great customer service and flexible, competitively priced plans. Customer decides to GO BOOM. Once we receive your order and initial payment, an installation date will be booked with NBN Co.

Once an order is received Boom Broadband will book the installation of the NBN equipment in with NBN Co, the Government body established to oversee the rollout of the NBN. No matter which service provider you choose, big or small, your equipment will ultimately be installed by an NBN Co technician.

NBN Co will provide the first available timeslot in your area. Appointments are booked Monday to Friday in either an AM (8:00AM-12:00PM) or PM (1:00PM to 5:00PM) bracket.

You, or an authorised representative over the age of 18, must be present for the whole appointment to provide access to the property and to agree to where the equipment should be located.

A standard installation of the NBN equipment within your home, generally takes around 2 to 3 weeks. The length of time it takes to install the equipment can depend on variables such as:

  • The availability of NBN Co technicians in your area to conduct the installation.

  • Civil works. Some installations may require further civil works to enable the cabling to be installed to the home. This is not typical but can result in significant delays.

If you already have the NBN connection box installed in your home or apartment this generally means an installation appointment will not be necessary and should result in your service being setup quicker. Although sometimes the NBN box can be installed and not activated by NBN Co. This will mean that an install appointment will need to be booked.

For further details about the physical installation of your NBN equipment check out our guides:

Preparing for the NBN (For Fixed Fibre Connections)

Preparing for the NBN (For Fixed Wireless Connections)

Once the installation is complete Boom Broadband will need to get your service enabled through our network. Generally this will take 2 to 3 business days. Boom understands how important it is to have a reliable Internet connection in your home so we’ll do everything within our power to get you up and running quickly.

Once your service is activated you will receive a text message from Boom Broadband to let you know. You will also receive an email with instructions on how to connect your NBN ready router.


Installation FAQ’s

I have the NBN box installed why do I need an installation appointment?

In some instances, particularly in new apartments, NBN Co may have already installed the NBN connection box. The final tweaking of your service however, connection to the internal fibre lines in your building or fibre build from the street has not been complete. NBN Co therefore still require an onsite visit to complete this.

NBN Co service classes and how they affect me

NBN Co class all NBN fixed fibre ready premises into three categories.
Service Class 3: The best class. This means that you have the NBN connection box already installed and active. You only require a remote activation and a technician is not required to attend. These generally have quicker activations times.
Service Class 2: If you are in this class you usually have no problems in getting a connection. It can mean that NBN Co have completed some of the work to your home already. They may have even installed the NBN connection box. An technician is still required to attend and complete the installation.
Service Class 1: Your home is in an NBN ready area but no work has commenced to your premises. An NBN technician is required to attend to install their equipment and connect you to the fibre in your street. Occasionally more work is required for these installs and may need to be done over multiple visits. Please refer to the FAQ about civil works for more detail.

NBN Co have told me I require civil works, what does this mean?

Civil works, the bane of our existence. Occasionally NBN Co can not complete the install of your equipment on the first attempt due to issues with the lead in conduit or issues with the mulitport (the fibre hub) in your street. These cases can tend to take a while to fix. NBN Co need to send specialist crews out to complete the job, unfortunately this of course results in delays of weeks or months.

My apartment building is in an NBN ready area but I cannot connect. What can I do?

Multi-Dwelling Units or MDU is the technical term that NBN Co applies to any type of apartment block, unit or premise where there are multiple connections required. These types of buildings will often be connected slightly later than stand-alone houses in a fibre ready area.
Whilst your area may be “live” and have access to the NBN, many of these apartment blocks etc. will be unable to connect to the NBN until the building owner or authorised representative (such as Body Corporate, Owners Corporation or Strata Manager) has registered the buildings details with NBN Co.
As a resident of an MDU, if you want to connect to the NBN you will need to contact the owner/body corporate etc. and request that the building is registered. This can be done quickly and simply on the NBN Co website at Register your building