nbn™ New Development Fee Explained

For many customers the nbn™ New Development Fee (NDF) is a nasty shock that can sour their initial experience of connecting to the NBN.

Effective from April 1st 2016 the $300 New Development Fee is charged for all nbn™ broadband connections (FTTP, FTTB, FTTN and Fixed Wireless) in the following circumstances:

• The first connection at a premises in a newly developed area i.e. a suburb with no pre-existing telecommunications infrastructure.
• The first connection(s) at a premises in an established area in the rare instance that a developer has increased the number of dwellings on the same plot of land e.g. demolished a single house and built a block of units.

The charge is government mandated and is aimed at partially recovering the cost for nbn™ of providing telecommunications infrastructure in new development areas.

Once the NDF has been charged at an address, it will not be charged again for subsequent connections, provided the number of dwellings at that address has not increased.

How can I tell if the NDF applies to my property?

As a guide, the NDF only applies to connections made in areas nbn™ have identified as being within the boundary of a new development. This can include new estates, newly constructed apartment buildings and sub-divided properties where a new dwelling is constructed.

To verify if the NDF will apply to your specific address, contact our friendly support team on 1300 00 BOOM and they can check for you within a matter of minutes.

When will I be charged the NDF?

Payment of the NDF is required upfront upon ordering. If ordering with our friendly sales team over the phone the NDF will be identified as part of the standard address checks that we run and it will be applied to your initial invoice.

If you have placed an order online, your address will be checked and you will be notified within 24-hours if the fee applies. At this stage you can make a decision on whether you wish to proceed or not.

Can I avoid the NDF?

Unfortunately, in most cases it is not possible to avoid the NDF if nbn™ have designated your property as being subject to the charge. Nbn™ passes the fee onto the service provider and this is then passed onto the consumer. Boom Broadband does not profit from the NDF and in fact when processing fees are considered Boom Broadband will actually lose money on the transaction.
It is certainly not a fee that Boom Broadband wishes to levy on our customers, but it is a cost that we must pass on.

For more information on the nbn™ New Development Fee please refer to the nbn™ website or call us on 1300 00 BOOM  .

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